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Dance and Music Forms of Jodhpur

Do you like dance and music? Are you interested to enjoy various folk and traditional dance and music forms? If yes, you have to visit Jodhpur at least once to be mesmerized with the wonderful art sense of the Jodhpur people. Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan, is famous for its great culture that is rich with various art forms including dance and music. No festival in this district complete without dance and music. Men and women celebrate every special moment of their life by singing and dancing together.

Music of Jodhpur

People of Jodhpur sing both devotional and festive songs. Their collection of folk songs generally includes poems of famous saint-poets like Meera, Malookdas and Kabir.  The accompanying of various instruments like Algoza and Baara provide a beat or a drone to their song and makes it more enjoyable. Both the male and female of Jodhpur sing with a powerful and strong voice. While the music of this desert land is vibrant and evocative, the themes of the lyrics are generally the legends of heroism and romance as well as the brightness of the daily life.

Dance and music of Jodhpur

The old and pure tradition as well as the refined and great culture of Marwari people gives a richness and diversity to the music. You can experience all aspects of Marwari lives in the rich, heroic, pleasant, evocative and nostalgic music of Jodhpur. The different feminine moods and strong family ties are the main themes of the songs sung by women here. Their songs about the family include the comparison of every member to the several ornaments of women. They have special songs about monsoon and they are a compulsory item of every celebration.

Dance of Jodhpur

Dance is a part of life for Jodhpur people. They dance together for all celebrations. Their dance wearing colourful costumes and ornaments make is really a wonderful experience for outsiders. Generally, men and women of Jodhpur dance in fairs and festivals with simple and unsophisticated movements. Chart Dance is a special dance form performed by men and women. They dance with pots or a lighted lamp on the head.

Ghoomar dance is another popular dance of Jodhpur and the name of the dance is originated from the word ‘ghooma’ that means rotating. Men and women sing alternatively as well as move clockwise and anticlockwise. While the women rotate speedily, their long skirt called gharga will flow displaying the spectacular colours. Men also have several dance forms. The Gair of Jodhpur is performed in a single file. Men wear the martial costumes for effect. Male dancers also use sticks and swords.

Dance and music of Jodhpur

Tribal dance and music in Jodhpur

Music and dance are an unavoidable part of tribal life in Jodhpur. There are many professional musicians and dances in their group. They also use mandal, chang and various other musical instruments to accompany their dance and music. These instruments provide a lively rhythm to their performances. The tribal dances are vibrant, vigorous and graceful.

For the people of Jodhpur, dancing and singing are not just a ritual, but a way of expressing their emotions in limitless variations. They forget all their sorrows and hardships of their life and try to fill their heart with pleasure that is given by every lyric they sing and every footstep of their dance. Sometimes, we may feel that their passion for dance and music make them so friendly and hospitable to outsiders and tourists.

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