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The Jodhpur Flying Fox

Among some of the most exhilarating experiences of the great mysterious land of the sands or Rajasthan is the Jodhpur Flying Fox. It is the ultimate thrill when one literally flies over the ramparts of the Mehrangarh fort to obtain a bird’s eye view of the beautiful vistas that unfold gradually below as one flies overhead.

Flying fox in Jodhpur

This zipping across the entire blue township of Jodhpur is a memorable exercise as one cannot be bored by repeated scenes every time. The adventurer is offered six zip lines across the city and across the Mehrangarh Fort. Each one of the zip routes unfolds a whole new scenario. These six zip lines are not only covering different areas but they are of different lengths and durations. The smallest among them covers about seventy meters only and is called the ‘Chotta Wala’ Line.

The next in length is the one hundred and fifteen meters long Chokelao Challenge. The third longest line is the Rajput’s Revenge measuring up to one hundred and sixty meters. Slightly bigger than this line and measuring about one hundred and seventy meters is the Ranisar Rollercoaster. Then there are the two larger lines. The smaller among the two is the one measuring two hundred and seventy meters and is called the Jai Jodha Line. The longest zip line route having a length of three hundred meters is called the Magnificent Marwar.

Each of these lines has a specific route. The Chotta Wala zip lines take one over the rocky ravines that run deep up to the head of the lake at Jodhpur. The next larger line, the  Chokelao Challenge zip line, provides amazing vistas of the blue city and smoothly glides to a halt at the Chokelao Gardens. It is a special treat as the verdant green spread blow invites the gliders above to roll down into the lush greens.

The third zip line is the Rajput’s Revenge which is renowned for providing a scintillating panorama of Mehrangarh itself. The fourth line or the Ranisar Roller Coaster is given access through a secretive tunnel to hype up the excitement all the more and the line goes on to cover the magnificent Ranisar Lake. The fifth zip line is the Jai Jodha Line which covers several ridges and culminates in the beautifully landscaped Rao Jodha Park.

The longest of the zip lines or the Magnificent Marwar has the individual flying over to resplendent lakes and making a dramatic landing on an island tower jutting from the middle of Ranisar Lake and towering to a height of thirty meters.

The cost of this exhilarating experience is about eighteen hundred rupees for an adult and about fifteen hundred rupees for a child. There is a student concessional rate of fifteen hundred rupees also. Besides these on-the-spot  rates there is also the special discounted rate of one thousand and two hundred rupees for those who book in advance through online booking facility at least three days in advance. Using this same facility the students can also avail themselves of a discounted rate of one thousand rupees only.

When to visit Jodhpur Flying Fox

As the summers tend to be very hot in this desert periphery township of Jodhpur the ideal time to visit the Flying Fox city is during the months of At May. The hot summer months of June and July should be avoided to safeguard from the extreme heat conditions. The various zip lines of the Flying fox have different timings and one has to confirm the availability beforehand. The tours begin every hour from ten thirty onwards and there is a special tour at five o’ clock as well.

How to Get to the Jodhpur Flying Fox

Jodhpur is well connected by road, railways and air. The Jodhpur airport is well connected with most of the major cities of the country and is quite near to the city. There is excellent connectivity by train as well because the Jodhpur Railway terminus is an old junction that connects the city to most of the cities of Rajasthan and the country. The road connectivity provides for a well laid out state and private bus transportation service that is quite frequent and efficient.

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