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Puppet Shows of Jodhpur

Jodhpur, being a prominent city of Rajasthan, basks in the royal glory and offers a palate full of majestic and beautiful things for the tourists and the art lovers. The city has almost all the flavors of art and culture. It is proudly balancing the thin line between modernism and conventionalism. This acts as a guiding factor for alluring so many travelers every year. The historic structures depict the lives of the rulers and their battles and victories. Books, movies and CDs are there to make you feel close to the bygone era. Apart from these, there is something special that could make your trip to Jodhpur really interesting and exciting. The famous puppet show is definitely a specialty of the royal city. It is really worth watching.

Puppet Shows in Jodhpur

Puppetry – A Great Source of Entertainment

Puppetry is a great source of entertainment in the city. It is indeed a great art practiced by agricultural community of the state. They are known as Bhats. Some call them ‘Kathputliwalas’.  They have mastered this amazing art in order to entertain the local mass as well as the tourists. Travelers show enough interest in these shows as they are really interesting. Most of the puppet shows are organized during late evenings.

Themes of Puppetry Shows

Social dilemmas, historic incidents and events, comic stories, mythological and religious stories are mainly selected as themes for these puppet shows. The puppets, their costumes, presentation, background, music, set and dialogues, everything plays crucial role in making the shows successful and popular.

Presentation of Puppet Shows

Various types of wooden dummy dolls are used for the shows. They are dressed in colorful and bright attires. These wooden dolls are attached with strings. With the help of these strings the puppeteer moves the puppets. They cannot be seen on the stage. They present the show from background. A miniature stage is designed with the help of a cot. The kathputliwalas tacks these wooden puppets over a rope attached to the upper legs of the cots. Sheets are used to cover the cots so that the puppeteer is not seen from the audience side. The puppeteer moves jointed limbs of the wooden dolls with the help of the thin strings attached to each of them.

Dholak is another specialty of these amazing shows. It is used to announce the start of the puppet show. Throughout the show, there is whistling and hooting by the puppeteers. Quotes by Amar Singh Rathore of Nagaur are popular theme used in the puppetry shows. Mostly, female members from the show narrate the plays, generally followed with beats and songs on the drums. These add extra flavor to the shows. Most of these shows last for one hour.

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