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Train services between Jodhpur and important cities of India

Jodhpur, which is popularly known as the Sun City, has special importance among traders and travellers alike. Its traditional lifestyle, colourful festivity and lively people attract several tourists from all corners of the country and the world. Therefore, there is a well railway network that connects Jodhpur from all major Indian cities. The train services from important cities of the country to Jodhpur are discussed here.

Train services between Jodhpur and important cities of India

Trains from Major Cities to Jodhpur

Train Services from New Delhi to Jodhpur

There are many train services from Delhi, the capital state of India and Jodhpur. The time required to complete train journey in this route is around 8 hours to 12 hours 45 minutes. The important trains that runs daily from Delhi to Jodhpur are Dli Jsm Express (05:35 PM – 03:30 AM), Mandor Express (09:15 PM - 07:45 AM, Dee-Sujh Express (07:05 AM – 07:15 PM), Ranikhet Express ( 04:40 AM to 05: 25 PM) and Corbet Prk Link (04: 40 AM – 05: 25 PM). Dee BDTS Express on Thursday, Rajasthani S Kranti on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday and Kyq Bgkt Special on Sunday also do services in this route. The average train fare is Rs 300 for sleeper, Rs 800 for 3 AC, Rs 1200 for 2 AC and Rs 2000 for 1AC.

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Train services from Ahmedabad to Jodhpur

Ahmedabad, one of the largest cities of India is also the most important town of Gujarat State. You can get several trains from Ahmedabad to Jodhpur that run daily or certain days of a week and have various fares like Rs 264 to 294 for Sleeper, Rs 496 to Rs 759 for 3AC, Rs 1001 to 1065 for 2 AC and Rs 1720 to 1798 for 1 AC. The time taken to complete journey may vary from 8 hours 20 minutes to 10 hours 40 minutes depending on the train, route and the season.
The important trains in Ahmedabad and Jodhpur route are
  • Adi Jat Express that runs daily (11:20 AM - 07:40 PM)
  • Vivek Express on Saturday (07:55 PM - 04:20 AM)
  • Ypr Bkn Express on Monday and Saturday (04:30 PM - 01:00 AM)
  • BDTS HSR Super Fast Express on Monday(09:00 AM – 11:45 PM)
  • Duryanagari Express on daily (09:35 PM – 06:30 AM)
  • Bikaner Express on Monday (07:35 AM – 07:25 AM)
  • Bdts Jsm Express on Friday (10:30 PM – 07:25 AM)
  • BDTS BKN Super Express on Tuesday (10:30 PM – 07:25 AM)
  • Bdts Jodhpur Express on Saturday (08:05 AM – 05:10 PM)
  • Janmabhoomi express on Sunday (08:05 AM – 05:10 PM)
  • Ddr Bikaner Express on Sunday and Wednesday (10:30 PM – 07:45 AM)
  • Bikaner AC Express on Sunday (10:10 PM – 07:25 AM)
  • Sc Bkn Express on Thursday and Friday (01: 10 AM – 10:50 AM)

Train services from Mumbai to Jodhpur

Each day in a week has at least one train services from Mumbai to Jodhpur. The average sleeper fare from Mumbai to Jodhpur is 450, while it is Rs 1100 for 3 AC, Rs 1750 for 2 AC and Rs 3000 for 1AC. The journey takes 16 to 18 hours to complete depending on the trains. Suryanagari Express (01:30 PM – 06:30 AM) and Ranakpur Express (03:05 PM – 09: 50 APM) are the daily trains from Delhi to Jodhpur.

The other important trains in this route are
  • Bikaner AC Express on Sunday (01:45 PM – 07:25 AM)
  • Sbc Jodhpur Express on Monday (09:30 PM – 04:50 PM)
  • BDTS BKN Super Express on Tuesday (02:35 PM – 07:25 AM)
  • Ddr Bikaner Express on Sunday and Wednesday (02:35 PM – 07:45 AM)
  • Jodhpur express on Tuesday and Thursday (09:30 PM – 04:50 PM)
  • Bdts Jodhpur Express on Friday (11:25 PM – 05:10 PM)
  • Vivek Express On Saturday (12:05 PM – 04:20 AM)

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Train services from Bangalore to Jodhpur

Bangalore, one of the metropolitan cities of South India is located in Karnataka State has many train services to Jodhpur. The journey that takes around 43 to 48 hours has different fares according to the types of class and train. The sleeper class has around Rs 740, while 3AC has around 2000 and 2AC has around 2900. The major trains from Bangalore to Jodhpur are the following.
  • Jodhpur Express on Monday and Wednesday (09:50 PM – 04:50 PM)
  • Ypr Bkan Express on Sunday and Friday (05:00 AM - 01:00 AM)
  • Sbc Jodhpur Express on Sunday (05:00 PM – 01:00 AM)

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Train services from Agra to Jodhpur

Popularly known as the city of Taj, Agra has some train services to Jodhpur on certain days on a week. Around 8 hours 20 minutes to 11 hours 15 minutes are required for train journey from Agra to Jodhpur. We can travel in sleeper class at Rs 250 to Rs 300, in 3AC at Rs 700 to Rs 850 and in 2AC at Rs 1000 to Rs 1220. Following are the important trains from Agra to Jodhpur.
  • Ghy Bme Bkn Express on Sunday and Friday (06:30 PM to 02:50 AM)
  • Sdah Ju Premium on Wednesday (10:50 AM – 08:55 PM)
  • Hwh Ju Express daily (08:15 PM – 06:25 AM)
  • Marudhar Express daily (06:35 AM – 05:50 PM)
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Train services from Chennai to Jodhpur

The main train service from Chennai to Jodhpur is Ms Jodhpur Express that runs on every Saturday. It takes around 43 hours and 35 minutes to complete the journey starting at 03:10 PM and reaching at 10:50 AM. The fare of sleeper class in this train is Rs 774, while it is Rs 2042 for 3AC and Rs 3029 for 2AC.

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Train services from Indore to Jodhpur

Indore is the largest city of Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and there are many trains that run daily and sporadically from Indore to Jodhpur. Ranthambore Express that starts daily at 6:00 a m from Indore Jn Bg Railway station and arrive Jodhpur at 10:15 p m is one of the major trains in this route. The train fare ranges from 250 to 1166 according to the classes like sleeper, 3AC, 2nd AC and CC etc.

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Train services from Patna to Jodhpur

Patna, the capital city of Bihar State is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places of the world. The journey from Patna to Jodhpur takes around 24 hours. The fare required for sleeper class journey is Rs 530 to Rs 630, for 3 AC class is Rs 1400 t0 Rs 1700 and for 2 AC is Rs 2000 to 2500. Important trains from Patna to Jodhpur are Ghy Bme Bkn Express on Sunday and Friday (04:50 AM – 02:50 AM) and Kyg Bgkt Special on Saturday (01:30 PM – 10:45 PM).

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