Cuisine of Jodhpur

The Sun City is one of the best destinations you can choose if you want to pamper yourself with royal treatment. This famous place of Rajasthan is considered as one of the best spots for traveling. Its palaces, forts and ancient structures tell the tales of the past. The city never stops surprising the tourists. Traveling this beautiful place becomes incomplete if you miss the royal platter.

When it comes to cuisine, the city shows its magic on the food lovers. An entire palate full of Rajasthani dish with so many items can simply make you feel like heaven. Many varieties of cuisines are available here. Taste of each and every item is just amazing. These Rajasthani dishes prepared in Jodhpur can be a reason for your attraction towards this place.

Jodhpur has been the cradle for many varieties of Indian delicacies. From Makhaniya Lassi, Pyaaj ki Kachori, Mawa ki Kachori, Hot Spicy Mirchi Bada to the famous Rajasthani Food Dal Bati Churma, the list is never ending. Be it snacks during evening or a delightful lunch with family, these cuisines are really great. You can actually taste the real Rajasthani flavor by drowning in the intoxicating platters of Jodhpur.

Snacks to crack in Jodhpur

Snacks of Jodhpur
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Kachori and Bada

Mawa ki Kachori, Hot and spicy mirchi bada and pyaj ki kachori are very famous in this vibrant city of Rajasthan. These snacks are very spicy and tasty. If you have an inclination for spicy and hot foods, these are the best options. Mawa ki kachori and pyaaj ki kachori are served mostly during breakfast. These are very delicious and can be taken with chatpata chatny. Mirchi bada is another spicy snack prepared with chilli, gram flour, onion and potato.

Dal Bati Churma

Dal bati churma is another famous item of the Jodhpur platter. It is preferred by most of the Rajasthanis. Travelers too fall in love with this delightful cuisine. It is prepared with lentils, wheat balls and sweetened cereal. Thus, dal is the lentil, bati is the baked wheat ball and churma is nothing but the powdered sweetened cereal. It is served hot to satisfy your appetite and make you feel blessed.

Lasan Ki Chutney
This chutney is famous in almost all the homes of Jodhpur. It is made with hot fiery garlic. The spicy and tasty chutney is served with parathas and kachoris.

Mirchi ka kutta
Though name is a bit funny, yet it is really crispy and mouthwatering. It is a hot recipe made from crushed green chilies. Locals take it with parathas as it taste bests with it.
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Gatte Ki Sabji
Gatte ki sabji is no doubt very popular not only in Jodhpur but in many parts of India. If you are a vegetarian you can just find a delightful taste in this Rajasthani recipe. It is prepared from gramflour balls, varieties of fresh spices and curd.

Ker Sangri Sabji
Ker sangria sabji or Pachkutta is served during lunch time in many homes of Jodhpur. It is a traditional Rajasthani dish prepared from five ingredients. These are sangri, kumatiya, ker, dried red chillies, dried goonda. Taste of this Rajasthani food is really delicious.

Kachara Mircha Sabzi
Kachara is a special type of vegetable grown in the desert area is the master ingredient of this recipe. It is made with kachara and chili.

Kadhi Pakoda
This recipe is prepared from chili, curd and gram flour. It is a famous snack of Jodhpur and loved by almost all the people living here. Tourists too taste this tasty snacks.

Baajre Ka Sogra
Baajre Ka Sogra is a thick round and flat bread of pearl millet. It is served mostly during the morning time.

Mouthwatering Deserts to Complete Your Delightful Food Journey

It is a special kind of desert prepared with coconut, ghee, cracked wheat and jaggery. The best part is that it is healthy as well as tasty. For many locals it is a must have during hangouts.

Desserts of Jodhpur

Aate ka Halwa

This is also a specialty of Jodhpur. It is a wheat flour desert loved by many people in and around Jodhpur.

Makhanbada, Malpua, Ghevar, Motichur ke laddu, besan barfi, thorr, Gulab Jamun, rasgulla, ras malai, these very names just makes you tempted and you can resist yourself from tasting them. There are many other varieties of sweets offered by most of the sweet corners of Jodhpur. In a nutshell, it is home to varieties of delightful deserts and sweets. You cannot understand the real flavor of the city if you miss these mouthwatering deserts.

Eating out is a great fun in this beautiful city. There are number of restaurants and food corners. Sweets are really very famous here. You can find quality sweets in most of the popular sweet corners.

Some popular sweet stores in the city are;
  • Janta Sweet Home
  • Jodhpur Sweet Home
  • Pokhar Sweets
From Indian to Chinese to Mughlai to Continental cuisine, you can find everything here. Specialties of Rajsthan are also very alluring. These include motichur ki ladoo, Makhhanni lassi, and the spicy kachoris.
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